Christian’s Response Blog 2

What is your favorite aspect of mechanical engineering (HVAC, cars, energy, robots, etc.)? Find a current issue in that area and discuss.

My favorite aspect of engineering is designing. When I saw the Imitation Game and found out how the first computer really came into existence, I was shocked. An engineer by the name of Alan Turing, during war time, developed the first computer to outcompete the unbreakable Nazi Enigma Machine. Envisioning it in his head and producing a masterpiece, Turing turned the tides of the war in the Favor of England with his team’s assistance at Bletchley Park. Today we consistently use his work and build on it to make prosthetics & artificial limbs, video games, and satellite positioning. Also, engineers are in the process of trying to make driverless vehicles or artificial drivers. This is crazy to even think about, given that people are very good at hacking.