Preachers Like Franklin Graham Are A Danger To Christianity

Franklin Graham — Ruining His Father’s Good Name

Does Graham Read His Bible?

If it’s a day that ends in ‘y’, odds are Franklin Graham has tweeted something theologically indefensible. Like Falwell Jr., Graham has taken his father’s ministry and married it with right-wing politics in a shotgun wedding. This week is no exception.

One wonders if Graham has actually ever read that Bible he swings around when he preaches.

Divine Intervention Isn’t Always Unicorns And Rainbows

One of the major problems with American Christianity, since it’s inception when the first settlers landed on these shores, is the belief that America is the new Israel. That, for some reason, God chose America as the place where he would establish the new ‘promised land’.

This, naturally, has led to a line of theological thought that if God were to intervene in the lives of Americans, it would be as a blessing, a showering of God’s love and favor. Even a novice theological scholar would find this belief to be laughable.

In scripture, God often uses Israel’s enemies to punish His people for their transgressions. From the Caananites to the Moabites to the Assyrians to the Babylonians (umm..exile anyone?) to the Romans crucifixion of Jesus, there are numerous stories of God using Israel’s enemies to intervene on His behalf.

The God that Graham, and others like him, is not the God of scripture. Instead they’ve transformed God into a Disneyland Dad, someone who lavishes gifts on their kids and doesn’t hold them accountable for their actions.

Graham’s god is the god of right-wing politics. A god that loves the platform of the Republican party and sees the Democratic party as ‘godless’ and ‘atheistic’.

Maybe It Was Both…

As mentioned earlier, if scripture teaches us anything, it’s that God often uses the enemies of His people as instruments of His wrath.

So, Franklin, perhaps it’s both.

Perhaps God did intervene… and used the Russians to punish America for turning their back on God. To punish those who preach hate and intolerance, those who turn away the poor, the widow, the immigrant, those who show favoritism towards the wealthy and powerful.

To punish those who take His name in vain by attributing God’s word to be in line with a political ideology.

If Graham had read his bible, he might know this.

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