Things are coming together in my exploration of Visual Studio Team Services and Docker Compose. This is going to be little journey into Visual Studio Team Services, private NuGet feeds and Docker Compose builds on a Hosted Linux agent.

I have been exploring VSTS for the past few months, especially for building Docker images. One thing I ran into pretty fast is the need restore NuGet packages from private feeds using the hosted agents.

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Alongside my exploration of Visual Studio Team Services my team have started using MyGet and the Enterprise offering to manage our NuGet feeds to get a…

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In the previous two posts I talked about building multi image solutions and running unit tests using Docker Compose and Visual Studio Team Services. In this, the third, I will explore setting up integration testing, starting with a little background.

One of the common elevator pitches for Docker is that it enables running our applications in a consistent way across developer machines and production environments.

When I started my current job, deployments of our main applications and services was at times multi day events. Building the solutions, creating configuration files and copy/pasting executables and dependencies to physical servers. Fortunately we…

This is a follow up to my post about Building a multi Docker image solution using Visual Studio Team Services and Docker Compose.

In this post I will explore how to execute simple unit tests in Visual Studio Team Services using Docker Compose. I will also try to collect the test results so Visual Studio Team Services can show you a nice report of successful and failed tests. Last I will reflect on my findings and give my cautious recommendation.

I will cover executing more complex integration tests in another post following this one.

In the previous post, mentioned above…

I have been looking at Docker and containers on and off for quite a few years and like many I’m very interested in the possibilities that the Docker ecosystem brings.

I’m primarily a .NET developer and now almost always choose .NET Core and ASP.NET Core when starting up new projects.

As most of us I started with the simple “Hello World” Docker getting started guides, and they are great to get you, well, started. But I believe strongly that everything from build, to testing, to deployment etc. should be as automated as possible. …

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