Mission Statement: Silicon Valley Exposed

So many books and articles have been written to try and help Startup Entrepreneurs, but yet they are all the same bullshit. How to raise money… How to meet VCs… Blah Blah Blah… After years in the Silicon Valley building companies, mentoring and advising new startups, and dabbling a bit in venture capital and startup accelerator programs, I’m thoroughly convinced that no one is educating or talking about the things that really matter for startups to succeed. Maybe because it’s taboo to talk about some stuff. It shouldn’t be if it is. Take for instance mental depression that is wide spread in the startup ecosystem. Helpful advice is readily available from people who have been there before, but no one talks about it. Or how about simple advice on what’s expected from you at your first board meeting so you don’t lose your mind with anxiety. We’ve all been there! Those are just a couple examples of the type of articles you’ll find here.

My hope is that Silicon Valley Exposed will in some way break down the walls on what has seemed taboo to ask or talk about, yet effects every startup entrepreneur I’ve ever met. The publication I wish existed when I first started.

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Welcome to Silicon Valley Exposed.

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