Barricades: A Short Story Serial Released a Little at a Time

I’ve been toying with this idea for years, mapping it out and tying together all the events in my head. I always envisioned it as a TV series or epic novel, but suddenly one day about a year ago I thought “Hey, there’s this thing called the internet, and I could write this idea a little at a time and put it on this internet thing.”

I’ve got too many ideas I’m trying to get out and realized the old fashioned prose short story is another avenue. So like the radio serials of the olden days, I will be releasing “Barricades” a little at a time over the next while.

It’s an epic tale of former Native American activists living with the ghost of a failed revolution from decades before. Now that the next generation is beginning to “take up the cause”, the older ones try to instill their wisdom before things go awry, either through policy or aggression.

The story will span over four volumes, each volume divided into four parts. Every week will be a new addition until the end of Volume One. Then after that? Who knows. I am treating this as a “crowd edit” so if you have any notes, please feel free to send them to me. There maybe an ebook further down the line. But for now, this “work in progress”. (Don’t forget to bookmark, recommend).

So ladies and gentleman I present to you “Barricades”.

Volume One: Part One

Barricades Volume One: Part 1.1

Barricades Volume One: Part 1.2

Barricades Volume One: Part 1.3

Barricades Volume One: Part 1.4

Barricades Volume One: Part 1.5

Barricades Volume One: Part 1.6

Barricades Volume One: Part 1.7