The Modz #5024, top 2% in rarity (sold for 0.4 ETH)

You’ve heard about the life-changing money, you’ve seen the cool-looking doodles on OpenSea, and maybe you even got a spare Ethereum or two to dip your toes in the crypto gold rush.

But if you want to start trading NFT’s without already being rich/an influencer, how do you actually play…

All humans, computers and AI’s welcome here!

For months after beginning my journey into tech, I bounced around from one online course to the other, somewhat lost in terms of where I was headed.

FreeCodeCamp’s web development curriculum solved this problem by giving me structure, motivation and clarity of direction.

The difference was huge — it was…

It’s good to learn from your mistakes. It’s better to learn from other people’s mistakes. — Warren Buffet

With almost everyone still working from home and many banks announcing significant changes to their internship formats, it’s likely this year’s investment banking summer analysts will have an internship experience like never…

Christian Vega

Ops @ Visa, UT Austin Grad, former Wall Street intern. 📍Austin, TX

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