Immediate on demand printing and paper book’s future

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While digital technology are booming and e-books fast growing these last years, most people had buried the paper book. But thanks to on demand printing in bookstores, its future seems perennial.

30% of printed books are finally pulped

In 2015, more than 600 million books have been printed for French publishers and almost 1 in 3 books won’t be sold. Indeed, 30% of produced books are pulped every year.

The publishers can never guess right how many books will be sold. However, they have to feed bookstores and points of sales (15,000 in France only) that have decided to show off the book titles on their shelves and thus order approximate quantities to printers.

We already know the publishers is worried about overprinting and unsold books issues linked with that. In addition, they are also scared about shortage and necessary reprinting if one of their books becomes a real bestseller. It constitutes a real overcharge issue. Moreover, we cannot ignore the negative impact on the environment due to printing and delivery process.

Every year, book sales decrease, while the number of book titles does never stop increasing.

Although some points of sale record a slight growth since a few years, especially in large retailers, most bookstores have to deal with constant increase in their costs (rent, stock, taxes…) and their sales do not counterbalance those increasing charges.

This really is a vicious circle. If we reduce costs by making the stock surface smaller (and thus the rent), we reduce the number and the availability of book titles. Minimizing human impact (less partners and/or lower salaries) means less service offered to the readers and potentially a lower quality in customer care and advising.

In the end, all those modifications lead to the drop in sales, which means the need to adjust expenditures. Back to square one!

Uber, Amazon, Airbnb are advanced models that place the consumer in the center of the experience

And what about the readers? Apart from the proliferation of points of sale, the delivery in 24 hours of some books and platforms which offer contents and recommendations, the shopping experience has slightly changed for them.

Actually, all too often the readers cannot unfortunately buy the book they want in their local bookstore because the book is not listed or it is out of stock and will have to be ordered. In addition, bookstore staff is sometimes too busy with other tasks and cannot devote time to their customers and advise them properly.

Make instantly available the most books at the required quantity and without extra costs for the readers in their local bookstores

POD (Print On Demand) is now one of the main trends in book industry.

Several on demand printing systems have been rolled out in distributors offices because this method reduces overproduction. Unfortunately, in this case the customers will always have to wait for their orders to be printed in a central production enter and to be sent to them…

Orsery’s approach will change all those aspects: all is printed on site in the point of sale so that the customers leave with the products. Only desired books are printed.

Customer satisfaction becomes the main focus again in all the process!

Now look: Orsery’s print quality is not lower thant the large print runs’ print quality. Orsery initiates an important sector-specific societal evolution which is beneficial for all the book market players.

Amazon’s founder Jeff Bezos declared “What is dangerous is not to evolve”. That is true, especially for book industry professionals. In Orsery, we fully understood it!

For more than 3 years, our team has been developing an expertise/skills and a know-how in on demand printing — which has currently no equivalent — in collaboration with the world leader Ricoh. The objective: make instantly available the most books at the required quantity and without extra costs for the readers in their local bookstores.

Technically, with Pro C7110X digital press, it is possible to print until 80 books per day, in 16 million colors, 1,200 dpi with 270 grams covers, for formats between 140x201 mm and 185x285 mm. The print speed is 90 pages per minute in color, black & white or both at the same time. Every book is numbered; this is a unique copy, which ensures a full traceability.

“What is dangerous is not to evolve.” — Jeff Bezos

Therefore, Orsery offers new competitive advantages to publishers (reduction in costs, profitable management for small print runs, more points of sale…) as wells as to booksellers (more book titles and increase in sales, reduction of stocks, a better customer relationship,…).

Concerning the readers, they can get immediately the book they want to buy (7-minute printing on average), close to their home, and at the same price. Besides, they will be able to enjoy new services such as the personalization of the book by adding a dedication on the first page or printing with enlarged characters font.

Do you want to find out more about Orséry?
Come and meet us in ZA restaurant in Paris’ center, to discover the digital press and print your 1s Orsery book. We will also be present at Francfort Book Fair from October 19th to 23rd stand 4.0 G 97.

Orsery at ZA (Paris)