Eclectic Ideas and Adventures

As my friends tell me, my story is an interesting one, even to myself I sometimes laugh at all the journeys that I have made, in interests, career choices, obsessions, what food I will or wont eat etc. Just the normal things in life as you age and mature, sometimes some people mature faster than others. There is mental maturity as well as emotional, and that is when the fun/chaos begin.

As a child I was always very curious, wanted to see with my hands not me eyes, and was overly friendly which terrified my mom because she was afraid I was going to get abducted, which obviously didn't happen. Just a normal hyperactive kid who got his meals cooked separately because I wanted a plain burrito rather than a enchilada, I had issues with textures when it came to food yet I hated bathes and showers and loved playing in the dirt, playing cops and robbers, climbing in a tree house etc. I was an easily bored child who had problems with reading, sitting still, staying interested in things instead of the deep obsession I felt at the beginning and getting bored and then onto the next. The only obsession I have is Harry Potter and that came out when I was in high school. By the way I am still obsessed and proud to be. I wanted to live in a movie since present reality seemed dull.

What does all that mean, why am I telling you this, well when I think about something, anything, my brain goes to the moon with it and dumps in the trash cans. I have always known my passion for life is to help others. The ones voices that aren't heard. My childhood was great yet having, anxiety, depression, even in a crowd of People I felt alone. So ever since I was a little kid I have wanted to help kids, to help them know they are loved and never have to feel alone again. I have many different adventures, trauma, mental health issues, homelessness, deep depressions, beautful mania that made me feel like I could do and be anything. Because of that, my friends and I have always considered me eclectic, and my life has been random. I have had everything and tasted security, proper nutrition, education as well as being on the bottom, sleeping on the street, eating out of trash cans. You know it I probably have gone through it. Everytime I fell I would get back up and go back to my passion helping people especially kids with trauma backgrounds.

What is my passion and how can I make a difference in this world. (I forgot to mention this earlier but as I child people even strangers would come up to me and tell me how special I am and that I am going to do great things) The problem was how to get there. I wanted to first be a psych for serial killers, to understand there minds. THen a therapist for deaf kids with or without trauma, or any child with trauma. I wanted to open up a ranch where they would live and doing therapy in many differnent forms, chores to teach them responsibility, and give them a community where they are not alone. I looked at the qualifications and doubted if I could ever do it so I stuck with ASL and figuring out what to do with that when I got my degree. With my bi polar I get ups and downs and was very successsul for a long time working 12 hour days until I couldnt do it anymore. Well I am back to me, still with mania and still get depression but with my meds I dont get as high or low.

I have so many wants, and I dont know where to start, or which way the universe is telling me to go. I scuba dive for fun and for therapy, and I want to teach others, the forgotten in undeveloped countries how to scuba dive because of how much it helped me emotionally and mentally. I also have great ideas but I dont fully know how to execute them. I think big and have helped friends start different businesses and I am passionate for awhile until Im not. Marketing is my passion right now and how to help my friends businesses or careers succeed. I want to learn how to fly a plane and they have that program at cypress college. I want to learn how to fix boats so that when I live oversees I have the skills, or maybe own my own scuba business. I am taking ASL because the language is beautiful, and want to take Deaf people diving. I want to learn thai, and south american spanish. I want to start a talent agency to help coming up actors a community to help their portfolio, or an auto or motorcycle mechanic. I want to be a professional researcher, there are many different things I am learning in class. Hoping this one sticks I am excited about all the different resources we have now that we didnt have when I was growing up.

My passions are me, my mind, and figuring out what I can do to help society, and the next big question which maybe others can help is where do I go from here. What should I focus in, or can I focus on many different things. Right now the universe is pushing me towards marketing and programming, making apps. Who knows what it will be in the next six months, what I do know is that yes I may not be on a straight on path, I will have ups and downs, right turns along the way. I do know I will help society in some way with many different tricks up my sleeve. For all I know is I can have a dive boat that is both profit and non profit, licensed in MFT, sspecialtychildhood trauma, and work as a traveling mechanic while scuba diving around the world and advocating for children rights, and shark finning.

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