Do things that don’t scale

Being an early stage founder is all about learning, improving, and doing things that don’t scale. For me… one of the things I have found to be very powerful and impactful in the growth/support of our startup (Qoins — Check it out) has been the fact that we make it a habit to call all our users! Yes… every single one of them. If you don’t answer, don’t worry… you’ll still get a voicemail, text or email. Maybe even all three! Trust me, at first I didn’t think it was that important and wasn’t making much of a difference. However, as I’ve been doing it more often now, I’ve started to really see the value behind it. Let me explain why…

When you call your users, it not only shows great customer service but it also helps your potential customers understand what type of relationship your business has with its users. For example, we recently had someone actually write a review just because we called them….

This experience led that user to refer a few more friends as well! Today, As I was making my rounds of calling our users, one of them was actually excited that we had called him. When I called him this was his remark…

“haha this is pretty awesome! I looked at the reviews and had read that the CEO would actually call you…. I wanted to try out the app but also wanted to see if you would actually call me once I signed up!”

Be sure to use this time to also thank your users and see if they’re having any trouble. calling your users won’t cut it. You’re tone and what you say is just as important. People know when you’re trying to make a sales call.

Calling our users has been extremely helpful in also getting feedback on how we can improve as well. Sometimes you get stuck in your own office and forget that your customers are really who drive the business. Knowing their pain points is crucial to creating an amazing experience for them. This is just one of many things you can do that don’t scale…… can you name some more?