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Going for a run while high on weed might seem counterintuitive, but some athletes are all for it

Before a long run, Flavie Dokken likes to ingest a capsule or gummy with tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the molecule from the cannabis plant most famous for its psychoactive effects. “It works really well for me. I get an energy boost,” says the U.S. Army veteran and former bodybuilder who’s now a…

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Experts say not to resume exercise too soon. But what’s ‘too soon’?

For Adam Harmon, Covid-19 began with a bad headache. Then came the fever and muscle pains. “I felt really achy for a day or two,” says the 31-year-old Park City, Utah–based endurance athlete. Harmon has been a triathlete, “semicompetitive” bike racer, and runner for years, but in the months before…

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In many cases, you want to do something that’s identical to the activity that follows, just at a lower intensity

My spouse and I are in perfect agreement that it’s good to start a run with a warm-up. But what that warm-up should consist of remains a point of contention between us. He likes to start by walking. I prefer to begin running at an easy pace. …

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Your ideal cardio program is the one that motivates you to continue day after day and keep pushing

By now, you know that cardio workouts are excellent for improving your overall health and fitness, but with so many options, you can be forgiven for being confused about the best approach. Runners swear their activity is best, while cyclists, swimmers, and triathletes all make similar claims. Even the title…

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The case against stretching has science on its side

I was a devoted stretcher for years. My high school track team began every practice with a ritualized routine of stretches, and all through my college running career, I would never begin a run without bending down to stretch my hamstrings. Until eventually I started looking into the scientifically verified…

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The number of reps and sets you do is less important than these fundamentals

As a fitness columnist, I get lots of questions about the best way to work out. Many of these queries are about strength training: How many workouts per week are necessary? Do I need to lift weights, or are body weight exercises like pushups and lunges enough? Is it better…

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Sports beers are all the rage, but does downing a post-workout brew help or hurt?

Finishing a workout with a refreshing beer has a long tradition among athletes. …

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The risk factors around tennis, swimming, basketball, running races, and more

Social distancing and lockdowns have shattered racing plans and competition schedules for many athletes — pros and weekend warriors alike. The Boston Marathon is canceled. The Tour de France has been postponed, and pro and amateur sporting events from soccer tournaments to triathlons have been put on hold.

But this…

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As some fitness centers reopen, public health experts cringe

After weeks of YouTube workouts and at-home exercise routines, fitness enthusiasts in many parts of the country will soon (if they don’t already) have the opportunity to return to the gym.

Decisions about when and how businesses can reopen are being made by state and local leaders, but thanks in…

How to enjoy your outdoor workout while keeping other people safe

In early April, the CDC recommended that people cover their faces with a cloth mask in public settings. …

Christie Aschwanden

Author of GOOD TO GO: What the Athlete in All of Us Can Learn from the Strange Science of Recovery (Norton, 2019). Twitter: @CragCrest christieaschwanden.com

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