It’s true that certain aspects of translation and interpretation must be performed by humans. And some language services may never be automated.

But language services work better when they’re supplemented by automation. Although things like professional publication and American Sign Language interpretation require a human touch, there are processes that can be automated (and should be automated) to free up human resources for doing the things that only humans can do.

However, the automation doesn’t have to be entirely internal, for the purposes of increasing the efficiency of client-facing language services. …

Image showing wireless connectivity
Image showing wireless connectivity

No matter what industry you’re in, the internet of things (IoT) is a powerful tool. IoT applications can improve automation, efficiency, and process analysis in almost every business sector.

So it makes sense that the proliferation of IoT devices has accelerated in the last few years.

This guide is for anyone who wants to leverage the power of IoT, but needs guidance in deploying their first IoT networks.

IoT connectivity best practices

The first things to understand are a few IoT best practices, which can be applied regardless of which type of network you use or what the goal of your IoT implementation is.

Choose the lowest power network that will do the job

The benefits of a well-designed IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system are inherent. An IVR can reduce the strain on customer service resources by empowering customers to self-serve without the need to speak to an agent. IVR can also drastically improve customer experience — getting the customer where they need to be faster, with agent time focused on solving the problem at hand.

One of the most important aspects of building a customer-centric IVR is to utilize smart IVR technology.

What is smart IVR?

Smart IVR is similar to a traditional IVR, but smart IVR has enough menu options and interactive capabilities to handle simple…

Most IVR implementations simply aren’t delivering a good customer experience. In fact, 83% of customers feel that IVR provides them with no benefit and is deployed only as a cost reduction opportunity for the company. Today’s customers are incredibly sensitive to profit-over-people behavior. This explains why over half of customers are willing to defect to a competing brand if an IVR provides a poor experience.

However, it is possible to design your IVR so that you maximize the benefits of modern technology, while delivering a customer experience that helps your clients retain customers.

There are a few common mistakes many…

Call tracking applications have a unique opportunity to help businesses by doing more than simply tracking calls and reporting data.

They can offer additional capabilities that help businesses streamline and improve their customer service and sales functions. And, adding more utility to your application requires fairly minimal development, since many additional features use the call data your application already receives from your carrier. There are several low-effort ways to provide more services to businesses that use your application and differentiate your software from the rest of the market.

If you follow these best practices, your application will not only deliver…

Conversational AI and chatbots are increasingly used to enhance the communication channels that customers love most. In addition, they’re used to streamline processes to make purchasing or customer support activities faster and more convenient.

The potential list of AI uses is endless, and it’s only increasing. To narrow things down, here’s a list of our ideal use cases, by industry:


1. Appointment scheduling and reminders

Patients can schedule appointments and opt-in to SMS or email reminders by phone or online through an automated system.

2. Setup prescription pickup schedule

Patients can schedule prescription pickups and schedule future orders over the…

Let’s face it — businesses are struggling to keep up with consumer expectations. Customers want faster, more responsive service via every channel. Not only this, they expect to be able to transition seamlessly between channels. And meeting these demands can put an incredible strain on human resources.

That’s just one of the reasons businesses are increasingly leveraging conversational AI to better support their customer base. Using conversational AI, businesses can serve far more customers, without significantly increasing their overhead or overtaxing their customer service teams.

Soon, conversational AI and chatbots will be ubiquitous, and so powerful that choosing not to…

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