Sobriety Killed My Buzz

Being sober is the best possible thing in the world. It brings me closer to my spiritual health, I do yoga and meditate and clean up after the kids. My face gets really glowy and I start wearing cooler outfits.

But I miss the buzz. I really miss the kooky laughter and the dark stories I write when I am drinking. I don’t miss drunk sex because sober sex is 10,000 times better — for me. I think for the partner drunk sex can be super fun — you’ll do just about anything for a lot longer with less provocation — but I feel super gross the next day when I can’t or do remember what I did.

I miss the scene of alcohol — the wine bars and the bad bars and the bar bars and the dancing and the flirting and the fucking buzz. I get a better buzz off of meditation or doing ritual magik but that is solo or only once in a while with a group — you can’t just hop in an Uber and go find some ritual magic or a group meditation — but there is always an open bar — 6am-2am you can worship the spirit gods and get lost in the crowd.

Getting drunk is super fun — and then it isn’t anymore. I’ve lost a lot to being drunk. Relationships, money, sleep, self respect. I wonder if the Mormons are on to something staying sober, having tons of sex to make babies and hoarding food in their basements — that seems sort of reasonable to me now.

My writing sucks when I’m sober. I have to figure that out. If you are Mormon go ahead and call me.

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