Christie Cannon of Keller Williams: What Success in Real Estate Looks Like?

Success in real estate comes down to serving the community. So what does that look like? Christie Cannon is the owner of the top residential sales team, Christie Cannon Keller Williams, in Frisco, Texas. She has grown her business in twelve short years from its inception in 2003 to a team of 5 agents, 3 staff members, and her husband. Together they have turned a woman with a license into a multi-million dollar enterprise.

Success is turning your job into a career. Agents often forget about the monetary benefits of real estate when they witness their client move into the home of their dreams. It’s about being a friendly person and meeting the financial and emotional needs of homeowners.

To be a skilled realtor, you have to have a great memory. The more knowledge you have, the more effectively an agent can respond with listing opportunities for buyers. Sellers can utilize agents to sell their home at a fair price but still get the most out of their listing.

Real estate agents are going to make numerous contacts in the industry and learn most of their clients’ names and personal histories. You need to be someone people can feel comfortable sharing private information with. Agents learn their client’s financial, and sometimes emotional backstories, so approachability is a must.

Agents should also be able to respond to potential issues with a sale. For instance, responding to a break-in requires tact. The buyer may feel like the neighborhood is dangerous and want a lower price or worse yet, pull out of the sale. Agents are respected mediators that are prepared to handle these difficult situations.

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