A friend said she thought my life seemed like I had a wonderful constant support system. My response:

Actually most of my friends have dropped out of my life as soon as I became actually handicapped

Including my so called best friend who fucking has multiple sclerosis

Her: that seems very weird

Me: She told me the day I asked for the neurologist who diagnosed her that she was suicidal and couldn’t handle this.

A back story that I think she half listened to. I had a friend for 18 years. She has actual diagnosed D.I.D. rare, huh? Also probably Munchausen’s. So I was pregnant and she sent one of her disease I have of the week emails. I was under advice to limit stress from my doctor. I told her this and asked her to take me off her disease of the week mailing list. That week was multiple sclerosis it so happens. I think she heard up to this part and tuned out this next bit. It turned out she just diagnosed herself. She just had some numbness that day. The following 24 hours I received 11 of the most hurtful, hateful letters in 11 distinct voices from her. She brought up stuff from when we were 14 to the month previous. It made me cry for about a month. Writing this is making me cry. When she died we hadn’t spoken since those emails but her husband still asked me to come to the small ceremony because Traci would have wanted me there. We are talking about 18 years of history. She heard I cut her off for saying she had multiple sclerosis. I think she did the same thing in some fucked up misguided retribution.

Anyway I have reached out to her from June to September. But in September I was sick of crying g every time I saw her joking around with our mutual friends and not returning any texts or messages or comments

So I had to block her for my sanity. I think she’s been poisoning the well for a bunch of others