An Unfolding Of Events

Have you ever arrived at a place, event, party, meeting and wondered why you were there?

Did you question the purpose behind life’s game of happenstance and intention?

I’m here to share with you this very simple message and the unfolding of events that happened for me in the last four weeks.

Lean in and listen very closely.

Every experience you have, every moment you attend, and every person you meet could have a direct

Impact on your life.

Now, I bet you’re wondering or asking the question, “What does this have to do with my health. Where is she going with this?”

It has everything to do with your life.

Anything and everything begins with an idea, which comes from everywhere and nowhere. Thoughts emerge

From our personal neural processes that have been created by the experiences we have and casual connection between

You and the experiences that surround you.

It’s the randomness of many levels of complex processes that are seeds to our thought.

Let’s take a walk and I’ll share my story with you…

A few weeks ago I attended a social networking event which was developed by an old high school friend for her clients and potential clients focused on money, mindset and marketing.

She spoke about how her life and business had evolved by the people that she surrounded herself with.

One of her stories included a local business man that had made it his personal mission to help people with creating success within a business.

I thought to myself, “I’d love to meet this man. I don’t have any male mentors in my life. Someone to look up to and learn from. Granted I have family but they’re busy with their lives and far away.”

Fast forward three weeks later.

After attending a virtual day of planning for 2017 with a business mentor, I soon realized that I had to start getting out of my house and meeting new people, going to events and being intentional and sharing what I do. If I don’t my business will slowly suffocate. It had been hibernating for the last three years and it was time to move my ass.

I looked up a list of events for the region and made it my mandate to attend as many as I could at a limited cost. Of the ten I found and registered for there was one that I could not attend. It was for members only. I really had to get to that event for some reason. I quickly emailed the registration operator and asked to attend. The response indicated for members only but two people had cancelled. I was able to attend at zero cost except my time.

The next morning I set in motion to get to the event on time regardless of the complexity of the morning. I arrived on time just as the presenter was about to start his opening speech.

He handed out a form that listed off 7 steps and strategies for networking. The name at the bottom of the page sounded familiar. I soon realized it was the man I wanted to meet. The business man that I thought I’d love to meet was the presenter. Mr. Michael Hughes, the networking guru of Ottawa.

I was stunned.

It was an information packed morning. I met two woman that needed my help. I won Michael’s book he wrote on networking as well! It kept getting better and better.

After the event, I walked up to Mr. Hughes and asked for his picture. As we were taking the picture I mentioned I wasn’t supposed to be there. He turned to me and said, “Please tell me more about this.” I explained the whole scenario. His faced tilted to the left and he began to smile and then replied, “Then I guess we need to have a coffee and chat.”

Sometimes our thought may lead us to an idea that life happens to us, not for us.

It’s essential to break patterns when we’re in a rut because it’s in those moments that things materialize like magic.

What you focus on naturally expands for you.

Now you can lean back, rest and contemplate what you can DO to move forward.

What will you do? Where will you go? What do you want to learn?

By Christie Flynn, Ottawa Canada

I’d love to hear what you thought of my first post. I’m a writer in-progress and love feedback.

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