How the NSA identified Satoshi Nakamoto
Alexander Muse

People on here who think Bitcoin is annonymous, untraceable, and used primarily for crimes/bad things really should do some research on what bitcoin is. In fact, it’s more traceable then cash, credit cards, or anything else! It can be kept anonymous, a users identity, if done properly… but eventually something will link a given bitcoin address to a person in the real world. Except satoshi. His billion sits there. I’m convinced it’s Charlie Lee, I’m convinced it’s a group of people also, but that Charlie was one of them.

Anyway, it’s probably best that we never find out who created Bitcoin. I pray it wasn’t the government or some other country or bank. That would ruin the entire….well, everything. I would like to at least believe (even though I’m anti-ignorant), that there is some altruism somewhere out there being implemented by someone who has any amount of power or clout. He (or she) is a mythical figure.

And if Satoshi truly was one person, he or she is a straight up genius, probably outsmarting all existing technology, especially in 2009, I don’t see how it would be so hard for him or her to keep a private identity. The U.S. is behind on technology, despite all our triple letter agencies, we’re not so well trained in technology and computer science, and it’s not getting any better. Other countries are well ahead of us, and their people are actively seeking educating in computer science and technology fields. In the U.S., I think 2% of majors are in CS. And that’s CS, there’s not even programs for many digital fields yet, because the education can’t keep up with the changes (even though to be honest, they haven’t been as fast as they once were….I think it’s slowed down a bit, at least on the customer facing side).

The real satoshi would have it point to a group of individuals and would fool the shit out of the banks & government. The real satoshi could’ve at one point worked for the banks/gov’t and learned from the inside. The real satoshi would likely be dead if identity was revealed, especially early on. But goes to question, who would really leave a billion dollars on the table? Someone who already has money, doesn’t care about it, or that threw away the keys to make sure they’re never able to access it again. If I was Satoshi, I would do the latter.

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