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This week, the Backstage Crew met with 48 founders through our virtual Office Hours. In group sessions, we had conversations about fundraising, customer journey mapping, how founders can respond to the COVID-19 crisis, hiring, and more

After each session, we shared with attendees some of the resources that were discussed as part of the call, and we thought that it might be helpful to share these resources more widely. Some of them are very timely to today’s environment, while others are fundamental resources for startups at any time.

Investment Resources:

Alternatives to Fundraising from Angels / VCs:

COVID-19 Specific Resources:

Recommended Reading:

Startup Fundamentals:

Backstage Resources:

We are looking forward to more upcoming sessions of Office Hours. If you’re interested in joining the conversation, sign up here.




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Christie Pitts

Christie Pitts

GP Backstage Capital

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