Hi Susan… Christy isn’t Christy, and why your letter inspired me to look her up...
Linda Caroll

Susan, I actually am the one…please research my page! So here I am!

In response to you and all women…Don’t automatically assume that any of us come from privilege. Don’t even assume that I even wrote that post, as assuming is making an ass out of you and even me!!!!

Just know this…Growing up I came from a middle class family that had their struggles! Struggles ranging from financial debt to struggles with gender identity, drugs and everything in between! 
I remember my parents doing everything they could to help us…wearing the weight of the world on their shoulders! Both my parents trying their hardest to teach and instill in us that nothing comes for free in this world and to love no matter what!

With that said…Do you know at the age of 14 I was raped? Do you know that I was beaten by a couple of men? Do you know that I had a man stick a gun to my head in an armed robbery and told me he was going to blow my head off? Do you know that I struggled through college and worked full time as a waitress and bartender? Do you know as a single mom at one time I was scrapping pennies out of my couch to feed my girls and at another time making money? Do you know I have been on Medicaid several times in my life? Do You know I shop at the GW Boutique…my nickname for Goodwill ? Do you know that I would travel to other places in the world when I was a flight attendant and see the atrocities of women, children and every human being out there? Do you know I considered abortion because I didn’t want to lose my career as a flight attendant? Do you know that because I had FAITH… the baby I wanted to abort is my first daughter and she is gay?!?! Do you know my mother suffers with clinical depression? Do you know that my twin sister is physically disabled? Do you know that I lost a stepson and nephew to drugs last year? Do you know that I was broken for so many years emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually? Do you know I have considered suicide at several times in my life?

No you don’t because you think I come from privilege and live in a bubble!!!!

Do you know I use to sit with my brother in New Orleans and share a meal with a homeless man and actually have a real conversation with him? Do you know that my family adopted this man that was living in a pop up tent with his wife and 2 children and gave them what they needed ..LOVE!?!?! Do you know that that same family now resides in Texas and the father was given a job and can support his family now? Do you know that both their kids are in college now?

No you don’t because you are assuming I come from privilege and live in a bubble!!!!

I have and will always teach my girls and stepsons about love and strength and how nothing comes for free in this world.. I will teach them the true meaning of love and forgiveness!!!! I will teach them to rise from the ashes and when they are on their knees it is for a reason! I will teach them to stay humble always because that is what GOD wants and because that is my RIGHT!!!!

Again I have seen the atrocities in other countries and homeless people have it better here because at least they have a government that cares enough to put shelters and other services in place to help them!

We live in the GREATEST COUNTRY in the World! We live in a country that was founded under GOD!!!!!!

If we would just understand and love and view everyone as human beings with struggles…the way Jesus did…this country and the world can begin to heal!
 So please stop assuming!
#notmymarch #onewomanundergod

Also know this…This post made me lose one of my best friends, my gay brother who lives in San Francisco…he is so angry I even spoke out that he didn’t even want to hear what I had to say which was a message of peace! So this has cost me more than you will ever know!