Typographic Hierarchy

Part 1 - 9/14/17

Typographical exercises focusing on stroke weights, linespacing, and flush-left margins to rate the importance of information in an effective and interesting manner. I found it important to analyze and experiment all the options within the given constraints.

This is the given text.

Stroke weights


Two flush-left margins

Three flush-left margins

Part 2- 9/19/17 and 9/21/17

Exercises focusing on color, type size changes, and text order to clearly communicate the information provided, while taking risks in doing so. I used a lot of bold color combinations because I wanted my poster to stand out.


I made some more color iterations after crit.

Type size changes and text order

Part 3- 9/26/17

Working towards a poster by incorporating a photographic or graphic image that is not too literal. I played around with forms on Illustrator as well as how these forms create negative space. After watching a few Yellow Couch Sessions videos on Youtube, I got a good sense of the mood of the studio (cozy and hip).


I started off by playing with images and forms at first rather than choosing a scale hierarchy layout and then working from there. All of the images I used were taken and manipulated by me.

I thought that the photograph with the man walking gave off more of a lonely and melancholy vibe, so I decided not to use it. I did not work with the bed sheet images much because they were not as strong as the abstract form images. I began pursuing layouts with the red form and the blue/yellow rectangular forms.

For 9/26 crit, I showed two iterations.

I got a lot more positive feedback on the right poster. This was because the left one was too cluttered and the right poster worked better with Yellow Couch Sessions’ vibe. After talking to Andrew and Vicky, I decided to play with dimension and layering of forms. I also decided to experiment with different shapes and leading. Andrew suggested I fix the letting and type size before experimenting with other forms. I made a few more iterations during lab:

Part 4- 9/28/17

Shifting to the final poster by changing from letter size paper to tabloid paper. I adjusted the type size, letting, and image shape. I also ripped and cut red construction paper and made more poster iterations.

11 x 17


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