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Dear Queen 👑

Take the high road

Upper Wacker instead of Lower Wacker for all my Chicago women

Don’t get upset and post petty and emotionally dark words online

Let your silence do all the talking and make noise

Grow up and glow up because you’ve had the power all along

Always remember that he needs you more than you need him

Without you, he falls right back down to the ground where he will look for his next innocent and naive women to come up on

Doesn’t he look stupid playing follow the leader?

Isn’t it mind-blowing how unattractive your former king is now that he no longer has a seat at your table?

And not unattractive physically, but unattractive mentally and emotionally

See there is more to beauty then just looks

Maybe that’s why he judged you because he only understands the physical aspects of life

He set standards for what he liked and didn’t like :

No short hair

No red lipstick

Wear your hair down

Don’t yell at me

Just act right

You spent years trying to live up to his standards thinking you were the problem all along

Wake up baby girl and see

Scrape the crust out of your eyes and switch to a new pair of contacts or glasses

The whole time he was judging you and blaming you he never once stepped back and looked at his own imperfect reflection in the mirror

He reflected everything on to you and neglected to look within himself and his own issues

It was just so much easier to pick on the queen

He took the low road instead of the high road

Now you're so far removed you can see clearly

The fog has been lifted

Now he is with the next subject and you can breath

You see it wasn’t you because…

She wears red lipstick 💄

She has short hair

She wears her hair up

And she doesn’t act right

Everything he told you he doesn’t like she embodies

Maybe he changed his views

Maybe it’s fake love so he tolerates it

Maybe he is trying something new

Whatever it may be just let it go and blow in the wind like a balloon 🎈

Unlike him, you are shinning when you two are apart

Your everything without him because even when he tried to throw salt on your name all he did was add seasoning to your sauce

No matter what you're winning because you know your worth

Take the high road queen 👑

You get a much better view on Upper Wacker

Enjoy the scene of the full picture and skyline

Aim high as you drive and Upper Wacker will take you right to Lake Shore Drive

— 💜 Christina CeCe Brown

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Written by

Writing is my first love ✏️📓 I put the pen to paper with words that turn into art. Just a dope girl with a passion for poetry ... Twitter @CeCemarieBrown

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