All your life you flew alone

Embracing authenticity because it was in your DNA

From your authentic baked mac & cheese to your authentic designs fit for kings and queens

All the way down to the authentic love you shared with each and every one of us

A love that was true and real

The love you gave had its own swag dripping off of it

Even though you flew alone you infected everyone you knew with your joy and laughter

Blessing us with a love that seeped inside our bodies, making a home in our hearts and in our…

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Dear Queen 👑

Take the high road

Upper Wacker instead of Lower Wacker for all my Chicago women

Don’t get upset and post petty and emotionally dark words online

Let your silence do all the talking and make noise

Grow up and glow up because you’ve had the power all along

Always remember that he needs you more than you need him

Without you, he falls right back down to the ground where he will look for his next innocent and naive women to come up on

Doesn’t he look stupid playing follow the leader?

Isn’t it mind-blowing how unattractive your former king is now that he no longer has a seat at your table? …


Christina CeCe Brown

Writing is my first love ✏️📓 I put the pen to paper with words that turn into art. Just a dope girl with a passion for poetry ... Twitter @CeCemarieBrown

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