These Dogs Chase Boats Instead of Cars

So, maybe they aren’t chasing them, but they are helping promote a cruise line. In June 2016, Cunard Line cruise ships wanted to relaunch the remastered Queen Mary 2 with the help of four-legged friends. However, this was no easy feat since cruise ships often go under renovations on a regular basis.

Before I go further into detail about the case study, let me give you a little background. Queen Mary 2 made her maiden voyage in 2004, and at the time, the vessel was the largest in the world. Her main design was to operate trans-Atlantic crossings. In spring of 2016, the ocean liner went under a massive $132 million redesign to the North American Market. Additionally, Cunard Line was celebrating it’s 175th year of operation. So, obviously the cruise line wanted to do something extra special for this ship.

Cunard Line hired on MGA Media Group to launch a campaign surrounding the remastering with a budget of $100,000. With this budget, MGA Media Group decided to highlight one of the ship’s improved feature, the dog kennels. They thought no better way to do this was to search out Instagram famous dogs. Although in the campaign the dogs were not featured as much, the dogs were invited to the official relaunch of the ship, and they checked out their new kennels. Of course, the dogs did so in style, with a red carpet and everything. Over all, the entire campaign was well received and earned national coverage.

Overall, I think this campaign was done well, but the thing that could be better would include the dogs in more of the messaging before the relaunch of the ship. They have a great theme going, they might have gotten an even bigger reaction. Although, the campaign itself did well already.

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