Pancho Tomov Hut — The Small Paradise of Vitosha Mountain

During the summer days the green colors of the forest has a particularly attractive force. And if you are find yourself in a house from the fairy tales, with tables and benches from logs, with a bubbling river amidst thick spruce shadows, it is quite irresistible. Thus exactly looks a small paradise in the heart of Vitosha Nature Park — “Pancho Tomov” hut in the Fonfon area, where every year in July people without hearing ages come together.

The hut built in 1927, is situated in the heart of Vitosha Mountain, on 1487 m above sea level. In the 30s of the last century, she was called “Lunichka”, but later renamed “Pancho Tomov” as an expression of respect for the enthusiast, thanks to which the hut build, so that people without hearing to have a place for mountain tourism and relaxation. Only a few paces away, the forest has long hidden in her green hugs the remains of “Fonfon” hut that was swallowed in 1968 by the fire.

Pancho Tomov Hut, 1930. Behind: Fonfon hut, burned by 1968

For a long time, the hut of the people without hearing was more popular as Fonfon, taking the name of the burnt hut. In fact, the name itself does not mean anything specific. A few old tales speaks, that it comes from the nickname, with which the builders used to call each other — the fonfons, like irony towards the “background” of the German nobles. The Fonfon hut has never been restored because of the belief that it should not be built on the remains of a fire. What the fire has swallowed remains for him, and after him remains just the legends. Even today, it is not known what caused the fire.

Pancho Tomov Hut, 2018. Photo by: Christina Tchoparova

But the Pancho Tomov hut last September celebrated its 90th birthday. Close to her are the hut of the Bulgarian radio journalists and hut of the artists, as well as the Museum of the Bear. The path in front of the hut leads to the herbal paradise of Yavorova Polyana, where cultural events are sometimes organized.

Pancho Tomov Hut, 2018. Photo by: Christina Tchoparova

On the meadow in front of the hut, among herbage and dandelions have wooden lounge chairs, of which people can to observe the sporting games. The hut is really like a miniature house from the fairy tales, whose chimney smokes with the scent of tea and black coffee — the only drinks available in “Pancho Tomov” hut. In front have a stone fountain which quenches the biggest thirst, and the small tourists can have fun on swings and climbing. Clean, fresh and well maintained. There is always something else to be desired, but in the hut still no available accommodation spaces.

The hut of the people with hearing loss. Photo by: Christina Tchoparova

The hut is under repair now, but she is open all year round. The hosts Tony and Bonita will welcome you with heartiness, with typical Bulgarian hospitality and amicable conversations.

How you can to get there? By bus 107, 59, 63, 64 in Sofia, with the free bus lines of Lidl, or by trams 11, 19 and 5. From the Golden Bridges stop, if you take to the right, under the ancient path, you will reach the “Pancho Tomov” hut in about 10–15 minutes.

GPS: 42.6021264, 23.2337468.

You will definitely want to stay in the little paradise of the people without hearing, in the captivity of Nature and the Silence, in which there is everything.

Text and photos: Christina Tchoparova

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