Photos in 2019: A Trending Forecast from Scopio

As creatives know, there have been huge shifts in the visual landscape this year, especially due to what is popular and getting the most engagement on Instagram, where 50 million photos are being shared every single day.

At this staggering rate of content growth, at Scopio we have seen these trends get pushed through to the types of photos businesses are looking to use and connect in their storytelling. Scopio wanted to recap what they are and share what we think could add value to these trends. Hopefully, this trend report can help creatives spot unique moments and share them in their storytelling.

Isolation and Solitude

Things are getting noisy. With so much content and chatter on Instagram, popular accounts, and the most engaged with photos stand out from their simplicity. #Minimalism has 13 million posts. There are about 50 million photos shared a day on Instagram, so that is a big amount of minimal photos. These photos usually include one person, and that person is thinking, and often times looking out into the natural world. Also, we are exploring nature and our surroundings more, sometimes to get a more unique photo or just to discover the beauty around us that we want others to know about. To make things more meta, our desire to connect with nature in general is shaping what food we buy, and what brands we support. With so many people sharing their viewpoint, us scrolling through and learning what people are reflecting on makes us more educated about our consumption choices, and it in turn influences the simple and thoughtful photos we share with the world.

Drone and Aerial

This category is exciting because it is becoming more “human.” Before photos were mostly of large scenes, but mixing in the human element in a larger setting puts focus in on our human existence, and puts our humanity into context.

Its my world, you just live in it

The beauty industry is booming, and there is no shortage of photos in the category, especially as people look to grow their pages to get paid opportunities in this niche. People are differentiating themselves by taking an enormous amount of shoots with their range of beauty and style. For every one photo they post on Instagram theres twenty more stored away they didn’t post. We see opportunity for including your friends and family in these shots. With these photos people are showing Diversity, Diversity, Diversity. I am beautiful, hear me roar.


There is a lot of content coming out with a mix between reality and alternative reality. Unicorns, mermaids, makeup and costumes all add to a new state. We see an opportunity to add in more people to these magical adventures.


This year the Scopio team worked on #beatplasticpollution with the UNEP. People all over the world are posting why they care. If you support a cause, we encourage you to post about it. Even if in your bathrobe, the world is watching that photo and seeing your participation. It also adds a positive footprint out on social media.

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