Hand-Written Wedding Calligraphy Sets the Stage for an Elegant Wedding

Today more than ever, hand-written calligraphy for invitations adds style and elegance to events. Once you find an expert calligrapher to write your addresses, in the style of your choice, it is important to organize your address list and follow proper etiquette.

The fine art of hand calligraphy conveys your personality and sets the tone for your celebration. Follow these steps to organize your invitation list and keep with the proper protocol for invitations.

10 Tips for Planning Your Invitations

  1. Allow at least two weeks for the calligrapher to complete your envelopes.
  2. Order 15% extra envelopes to allow for mistakes and last minute additions.
  3. The woman’s name appears first on the envelope if she has kept her maiden name or if the couple is not married.
  4. Children’s names under the age of 18 should be listed by seniority.
  5. Children’s names over the age of 18 living at the same residence should be listed by seniority. They should also, have an envelope separate from their parents.
  6. If friends are inviting a guest, obtain their name, if possible.
  7. Avoid the use of “and family” if possible.
  8. Ms. is commonly used for a single woman over the age of 21, or a professional when married status is unknown.
  9. Invitations should be mailed out 6–8 weeks in advance of the wedding unless save the date cards were sent, then 4–6 weeks is sufficient.
  10. If someone has the title of “doctor’, their name and title will be listed first on the invitation

Remember to proof your address list to make sure you have the proper spelling of names and the accurate zip-code. You should always provide extra envelopes for your calligrapher to add for last minute additions, changes and mistakes. It is a good idea to let your calligrapher keep a few envelopes after your project is completed for quick turnaround of the additions.

You may also want to provide your calligrapher with a copy of your event invitation to allow them to customize the hand-calligraphy to match. Custom ink colors are usually available as well. Keep in mind that high quality paper will also better showcase the calligraphy.

Traditionally envelopes for invitations included an inner and outer envelope set. However, because of today’s “green movement”, may brides are choosing to use just one envelope. Because of this, the outer envelope address will include the additional names of guests and children.

While traditional invitations use white or off-white envelopes, more modern invitations may include a wide variety of paper colors and paper styles. Remember that if your invitations are in a dark color, such as navy blue or brown, you may need to use an ink color other than black, such as white, silver or gold. You should discuss custom colors with your calligrapher as sometimes they will require an additional cost.

Gloria Northcutt, owner of Calligraphy by Gloria, has been providing custom calligraphy for wedding invitations and party invitations for more than 25 years. Her hand-written calligraphy is provided in 7 styles. She guides brides through the entire process of following proper etiquette for invitations and specialty ideas for place cards and table numbers. She brings a sense of calm, organization and style to the invitation process. kalligraphie-set.de

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