Good morning everybody!

(I realise it is almost 6 pm in Moscow, but I had an overnight flight so I don’t care. Morning it is.)

I was able to finally unpack my new shiny iPad Pro 12.9-inch and Pencil, which we bought in Sheffield about 2 weeks ago. Well, it looks big, actually huge comparing to my MacBook 12-inch. *include pretty photo* But I hope that it will be perfect for my studies.

I will start my first Master year in University of Ghent in October, Veterinary Medicine btw. And right now I am trying to do everything I can to make these 3 years as much productive and efficient as I can. Here comes the iPad Pro. It supposes to minimise my study materials costs, because I can share the books with my roommates and I don’t have to carry shitload of heavy syllabuses on campus every day. I will scan them and carry around my oversized iPad. Sounds cool, right? We’ll see how it goes.

So right now I have about 20 articles in my reading list, all going about iPad taking notes apps, helpful medical/veterinary apps and many others that will suppose to help me get through vet school. I will probably spend the rest of my day going through them and trying writing apps for the Pencil. Well, of course, it includes a lot of wine and probably surviving a zombie horde split screen mode in 7 Days To Die with my boyfriend. I think we’re on day 13, so we’re expecting a huge horde, just like the one we survived on 7th night, but like 100 times bigger (or we already on Day 14 and it didn’t happen? Help me, Andrew). So, what I was talking about? You have to excuse me, I am very easily distracted (oh look, a butterfly!). Yes, the apps. I am all excited to try all the apps I can get my hands on. Not sure what to expect though. I need a great note taking app, feels exactly like paper and pen but awesomer, something where I can make notes on a pdf of my syllabus, word/excel editing tool, probably something to record lectures and I don’t know what else. Do you know what can be helpful? I need all the advice you can offer.