How I Engage with News

I tend to gather my news virtually. I use my phone or laptop to look up whatever interests me or to look at sites dedicated to news. I tend to only look at print news when I’m at work at Rite Aid. We sell the Post Standard at the front of the store. Since it’s in my face, I get a chance to see the headlines and then decide if I want to look through the paper during my break, look up said headlines on my phone later, or just ignore them.

My go-to for news is looking up CNN’s top 5 things to know for the day because they tend to have the most popular and usually most important stories. I usually spend anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes a day actively searching for news either on my phone or laptop. The rest of the time it’s just things I come across through social media or hear about in person. I’ve taken a handful of classes where I’ve had to take current event quizzes, so I definitely am more engaged with news than I probably would be without those classes. It’s not that I don’t care or don’t want to know; it’s just there is so much going on in so many different places in the world it’s hard to keep up with everything.

I’m usually more up to date with pop culture current events than political or sports news. For example, I almost always watch award shows and I stay up to date with new movies and music. I don’t always know what Trump’s doing (but does anyone really?) unless I go out of my way to search it.

I know it’s not good to get news from Facebook, but it’s not completely bad. Sometimes I’ll see a story posted by one of my friends on Facebook and think “huh, that’s interesting.” What I do next is look at the source to make sure it’s credible, and then I search for it on another news site, just to make sure I’m not seeing a biased story or something fake.

I think what someone considers news depends on the person as well. For instance, I’m very aware of what’s going on in Houston for a few reasons. One, it’s happening in America. Two, I have family there. My uncle has been keeping my mom updated about what’s going on.

My favorite thing to do is go to concerts. I can tell you that Cheat Codes and DNCE performed at the New York State Fair Saturday, September 2. If someone doesn’t like either bands or doesn’t actively pay attention to the fair, then he or she may not know that.

It’s important to try to stay unbiased when it comes to news and looking for information, but it’s also hard to search for things you don’t know about or may not fully care about. It’s something I have been trying to work on since I realized I have a passion for journalism.

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