The Real Hunts of NYC Apts

Hunting the NYC Apartment (a continuation from March 19th post).

The NYC Apartment Hunt is universally agreed upon to be The. Worst. Thing. Over the past three months I have come to understand this sentiment on a deep heart level. For your enjoyment, I have compiled a small but real-life list of experiences from my time in The Thrill of the Hunt.

The Bayside Apt:

For extremely cheap rent, this apartment would have been nice, except I wouldn’t have been able to wear anything scented. I also would have never been able to have my boyfriend over. Even during the day. Also, my roommate would have been a retired woman.

The Bed-Stuy Apt:

If I was willing to share a bathroom with another roommate while the third girl had a private bathroom, this could have been the end of my hunt.

Me: “Is the bedroom a true private bedroom? Not a curtain in the corner of a room? :-) ”

Girl: “It is a shared bathroom, the third roommate has her own private bathroom.”

Me: “Did you mean bedroom?”

Girl: “No, you asked about a bathroom so I answered about the bathroom. Good luck with your search.”

The Upper East Side Apt:

This would have been cool: a pre-war, hardwood floors, exposed brick… I just had to meet the roommate. Except, she lived with her boyfriend. Sometimes. The only sink was in the kitchen. Bring my own bed linens. The private bedroom had two windows and no door. Wait… what?

The Bushwick Apt:

This looked promising. Except I apparently have too much small-town blood in me — “Maybe one friend over, but … I’m hustling. This is New York. It’s what we do here. Nobody has time to socialize. You’ll learn once you’re here.”

The Carroll Gardens Apt:

I had really good vibes about this place when I met the potential roommates. Except generally, the girls have to continue communication with you after the first meeting.

The Other Bed-Stuy Apt:

This one was beautifully renovated, which was exciting to me. That was until I had to fill out a questionnaire on when I would be in the apartment, when I’d shower (if I’d shower), and why I’d be a great roommate.

The Gravesend Apt:

Despite a professional grade stovetop, cheap rent and within walking distance to the semi-creepy Coney Island, the name of the neighborhood was foreboding. So was the café down the street full of Italian mafia gentlemen.

And there you have it. Please refer to this list in your hunt for the perfect NYC pad.

Comment with your own amazing apartment hunt experiences — NYC or otherwise!