This is beautifully written, and I don’t think is only limited to ‘the black dad you don’t think…
Bethany Borody

This is a beautifully written piece and it evoked for me many images of my own (white) husband and children. But, if I may, I think that pointing out that what is written here applies to all men is like saying “All lives matter” in response to the “Black lives matter” movement. Of course all lives matter, and yes, many fathers can relate to this, but black lives are threatened and ended in ways that other lives are not, and black fathers that are present and loving are assumed not to exist. I’m sure you didn’t mean to be rude — I wanted to say the same thing as a way to reach out, and to point out our commonality. So I’m only replying to you because when I read your comment (that said what I was thinking!) it occurred to me that it this kind of response is a way of trivializing the racism that black people experience.