How might we?

Using Digital Experience Design to improve the future of education

“How might we allow innovative education entrepreneurs to collaborate to support each other so that they have bigger impact on the educational system and feel empowered to make a change?”

Discovering a challenge trough research

Initial research questions

  • What is the purpose of schools in the 21st century?
  • How do kids become motivated to learn?
  • Which skillset should kids learn in schools in the 21st century?
  • How do kids learn social competences?

Revised research questions

  • What specific problems do innovative entrepreneurs disrupting or improving the danish educational system face?
  • What are the qualitative aspects of these problems?
  • How might these problems become easier to handle through support from like minded people?

How did I get here?
I am studying Digital Experience Design at Hyper Island Manchester and I am at the moment doing my master thesis on the future of education from my hometown Copenhagen in Denmark.

For my master thesis I have researched how to teach children soft skills like social competencies and how to give effective feedback through some of the team building exercises I have learned at Hyper Island. The project developed fast and became bigger than expected because I received great interest from people in my network. Through my research I have discovered that in there are already many initiatives in Denmark that help children learn social competences. And I am now investigating how I can support these innovative ‘education entrepreneurs’ such as school leaders, thought leaders and small businesses, who develop educational tools. My aim is to help them avoid burn out, and instead feel stronger together and support each other innovate education.

Friday debate at Den Grønne Friskole, Copenhagen

Last Friday, I facilitated a dialogue between three Danish educational entrepreneurs, discussing how schools shall work in the future, and how we can collaborate to ‘disrupt’ the education system and rethink the traditional school form.

How far can I take this project?
I wish to create an open conversation (community) about how we can help each other to constantly improve Danish schools (this can then be taken to a global scale). My goal is to support entrepreneurs to avoid burn out, but instead find support in each other (my research has shown that they share the same vision). Hopefully, my master project can help innovative school leaders closer to their vision of even better education for danish children — Education based on new science and studies in a model which can keep evolving together with society.

Friday debate at Den Grønne Friskole, Copenhagen

Follow the project
Feel free to join our Facebook group: Learning about learning. A place to connect with people interested in the future of education. The group should be a safe space to connect, collaborate and disrupt education — everyone is invited to participate.

Our mission is to disrupt and learn and continuously question the purpose of school and where and how education will happen in the future.

Circle School — new holistic school

At the moment Circle School which I will help start up in August 2018 is looking for someone or a team who can help us build the website, as well as collaborators interested in bringing the project further than Denmark.

Please do get in touch with us,
Selina Jaz & Christina Bruun