Confidence Booster

“I am the greatest, I said that before I even knew I was”-Muhammad Ali

The importance of self-confidence & how to get there:

Some people have it naturally, while others have to work a little harder to get it, but regardless every successful and happy person needs self-confidence. It’s important to distinguish the sequence of events in that confident people become successful and confident people allow themselves to be happy and not vise versa. There’s not going to be a physical goal or tangible object that will increase your level of happiness forever, it comes from within. Although many of us hear this rhetoric all the time, we still fail in understanding how to apply it into our lives, we still crave something else to bring us that happiness or confidence.

It’s not about doing something to get the confidence, it’s about having the confidence so that you can do something.

So how do you become more confident?

  1. Take the time to develop you.

Take a moment to stop trying to catch up with what everyone else is doing. Put them on hold and work on what makes you happy. If you’re always trying to compare yourself to someone else, or their life, you’ll get distracted from discovering your own uniqueness by imitating theirs. So figure out what makes you unique, try new things, and invest more time in yourself. Whether it’s music, a sport, another passion, find something that you can focus on or that can bring you happiness independent of people. Rediscover yourself and be unapologetic. Look into your biggest strengths and weaknesses, and use those to formulate goals in your life to work towards. Something as simple as striving towards a goal gives you the confidence to deal with the inconveniences of life. These goals don’t have to be life long goals, they can be as small and specific as a goal for the day or the week, but write them down. Writing your goals down and making them available for you to see frequently automatically increases your chances of achieving them.

2. Surround yourself with good people.

Don’t tell everyone all your goals or plans for the future, but for the people you are around, they should be people that support and believe in you!(this is so important) Your mind has so much power so putting it in a toxic environment will only confine you by the standards of others. Think about the people you are around the most. You are most likely going to become similar to them. Usually you just have to be the type of person you want to be to find the people you want to be around, you’ll attract them naturally.

3. Don’t take things so seriously!!

Remember what’s really important in life. As someone who’s kind of a perfectionist this can be one of the hardest things to do. It’s easy to put a lot of things on your plate and try to accomplish them all. But honestly, everyone makes mistakes so be willing to laugh at yourself when you do. It’s possible to be focused and have fun, find that balance. Make your happiness a priority by finding joy in the little things. For me, besides food(❤) or the weather, music really can change my mood. So here’s a trick I use: create a playlist and whenever you hear a song that brightens your mood or gets you hype, save it there. Still Not A Player-Big Pun is a song on mine(idk if it’s a phase or what but I literally can’t be sad listening to it lol).

4. Believe in yourself.

In a competitive nature, you have to believe you’re going to win. No matter how big the odds are stacked against you, even if they might beat you 10 times to 1, you have to go in every time thinking this is going to be the one time, this race, game, match, test, competition whatever is the one. Believe in the power of now. Cause I mean how do you really grow if your mentality is already working against you. It’s also important not to confuse who you are with the results that you produce. You might not produce the results you want right now, but be patient, keep working and keep believing in your potential. This is only really a problem if you’re comparing your journey so someone else’s anyway. Understand “the glory is in you”-Solange.

Confidence really does make you radiate more, physically and internally. You start to glow, it turns an outfit from “what is she wearing” to “ouu that’s kinda edgy”. I’m probably overconfident when it comes to test-taking but hey it reduces anxiety. Confidence really is a powerful tool, that’s how those boys snuck into the Superbowl this year(youtube it, it’s crayyy). If you act like you are supposed to be somewhere, most the time people will not think otherwise.

Self confidence really is the key to a successful and happy/fulfilling life. Whether it’s faking it until you make it, asking for forgiveness instead of asking for permission, it will get you farther in life than you’d realize. A lot of people don’t take their confidence into all their future endeavors, they start thinking too much about the risk of saying what they mean, or of being themselves. It is better to make a mistake than live an overly-cautious life. Be willing to learn, you’ll be okay. Accept the fact that not everybody is going to like you so no matter what at least be true to yourself. Now do yourself a favor, support yourself, stay close to the people that support you too & you will be liberated. But also remember, even the best goes through moments of indecision.

lastly, drink water!!! I don’t think it affects your confidence it’s just so so good for you.