Interning as a Web Developer at Spotify

Christina Cook
Sep 11, 2018 · 4 min read

I’ve played music all my life and listened to Spotify for 6 years so landing this internship was a dream come true.

I packed my bags from California and had the opportunity to intern for 10 weeks in New York City.

Spotify Swag!

My interview was much different than other people’s interviews. However, it consisted of:

October: Filling out a Google Form in the fall

January: 1 — 30-minute behavioural interview

February: 1 — 90 interview on CSS/JavaScript questions

The Morpheus Team

At Spotify, each team works differently. I worked on the Morpheus team which was an A/B testing team. This team included a product manager, data scientist, product designer and an engineering team full of full-stack, backend and front-end engineers in charge of maintaining and the mobile web player.

When I first started week 1, I was already thrown into preparing for the launch of the mobile web player. This was an exciting time as I got to see how the team moved to prepare for the launch. This is also where I realized there is much more to launching a product than just clicking a button.

Every morning, my team would have stand-up at 10 am to talk about our goals. At the end of the week, we would have demos to show the end of the week’s work.

Before I even arrived at Spotify, I received a care package in the mail with a postcard and many books about New York City. I had let my team know I have never moved there before and they helped me out even before I even met them in person. I also had the opportunity of sitting in stand up every month before the internship to be able to understand the products I would be working on!

The Spotify Care Package!

During the internship, I was able to ask questions at any time. I sat with all the other engineers on the team in an open desk environment. Everyone was very open to meeting and talking about their past and how they got where they are now. I even got to embed on another team for the day to contribute and learn design systems!

I was also assigned a mentor that got to teach me so much more about the web including javascript, web performance, system design and just job advice in general.

I can’t talk much about since I signed an NDA, but what I did this summer included learning Reactjs, and contributing to existing projects that the rest of the team was working on. I loved how I was able to work with the rest of the engineers on the team as an equal. I got to solve challenging problems and get help whenever possible.

At the end of the internship there was a science-fair styled showcase that allowed other people within Spotify to see what you made during the summer.

The free breakfast, lunch and snacks were awesome perks at the office. During the summer, Spotify has many events also on the roof top and within the office. Interns and particular got to listen to amazing speakers during the internship.

Spotify also allows employees to attend concerts such as Afropunk for free or for a discounted price. There were also many time artists came into the building and surprise artists even came such as Yo-yo ma! You can also listen to some artists record within the studio as you’re working.

  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions or ask to explore different fields!
  • Double check your code before asking questions though.
  • Remember to have fun! :)
Spotify 18th St. Office Entrance

I had the privilege of working with some of the brightest people ever. I would recommend working here if possible to anyone!

I can’t guarantee you the same experience as mine but if you have any questions about the internship feel free to comment below or at my e-mail:!