The Drive

Nightly, I take the drive. It doesn’t take too long. Roughly about twenty minutes each direction. Sometimes there is music. Sometimes, only comfortable silence broken only by the conversation that two friends can create from nothing. Words that by being presented can create a beautiful melody of melancholy and transgression. Although, on some of these drives, there is a beautiful sound which echos throughout the car. Laughter. The kind that starts from the bottom of your body and builds until it bursts forth from the hole in your head which creates all sound in life. There, upon bursting out, the laughter is shared with the partner of the drive. Two people, tears in their eyes, right before the ever knowing goodbye. A drive which always starts at two, will end with one. The end of the drive is quieter, broken only by the tick of the turn signal. And yet, I look forward to the drive, as it means that a friend has given me some of the “Oh so precious and limited” time of their life. A friend has graced me with their presence, and in doing so has changed my life for the better. As each moment spent with a friend, is a moment of learning the life of another human being. Isn’t that the reason we are here? To learn of the others and build these relationships? Friends. Driven to where they need to be, are some of the closest friends, and yet, are seen the fewest precious hours. Why not celebrate these rides. Remember them. Know that they signify a friendship that is everlasting and meaningful.

That is all.

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