Sarah EI Dib has Earned Global Reputation in Designing Clothes and Accessories

Just when you are having a strong desire for a minimal pastel power suit, the fashion designer’s unleash their inner maximalist with a sequined dress. These designers create matching wardrobes for their male and female clients. If there’s a trend gathering momentum, you can be sure Sarah El Dib will have it pinned down. She is an Orlando-based fashion designer and always serious about sustainable fashion. She never ignores trends and dominates the particular theme in her sheath dresses.

Sarah EI Dib is well known for her designing skills of clothing lines that include the unisex tunics and fitted pants, and all of them rendered in gender-neutral colors. She is highly skilled and proficient in bringing life to her impeccable and amazing design ideas. Not only this, she has a fashion house in Orlando, along with a top-notch garment and textile export house, and a renowned branded fashion showroom. She has gained a considerable experience of about 20 years in the field of fashion designing.

Prior to becoming a successful designer, she struggled a lot and proved her talent for long.

  • She made a great portfolio after passing her college displaying her creative talents.
  • Then, she went for an apprenticeship under a well-known designer, in order to become desirable for getting hired in the fashion industry.
  • Before making a foray, she researched the market thoroughly.
  • She did freelancing for many established fashion houses and boutiques and went on being creative, exclusive and innovative.
  • She approved for her patience and didn’t’ ever get disheartened by any sort of rejections and worked on it moving forth.
  • She started a small–sized venture at the beginning of her professional and now, she has touched the sky.

According to Sarah EI Dib, “Fashion is an experience that makes the buyers feel confident, trendy and compelled to buy more new stuff”. She also leverages her resources with new innovations and creativity to win the game. Therefore, she successfully achieved her core objectives with her passion. In addition to this, she is also involved in jewelry and accessories designing. This involves the use of precious stones and designing of ties, hats, bags, footwear and much more. Pertaining to her education, she has earned a bachelor’s degree in fashion designing for a reputed University in Orlando, Florida.