I was afraid of the ocean 
I had nightmares about it 
It would cripple my mornings 
Id feel terrible all day 
Anxiety accompanies me, uninvited 
I was afraid of the ocean
Petrified of what it could mean
Of what it can do 
Until it sang to me. 
It sang a song that never ended
Melodious, it sounded
Engaging beat. 
It made me dance with grace 
You made me trust the ocean 
Its capability to scare me
Why would I be scared 
When I am deeper than it 
And am stronger than my fears
The irony, it’s pounded
Its capability to leave me astounded 
Its beauty could be frightening 
You made me trust the ocean
Then I almost never frown
Its depth scared me
Unknown, uncertainty, there breathe 
Where I could not live, nurtures my fears. 
Then You wake me up from a sleep of anxiety 
I only personalized my misery
I owned it
When in fact It’s one thing I cant afford 
You made me trust the ocean
For you made the ocean 
You know its meaning
For you gave it the meaning 
I was afraid of the ocean
I remember the time when I was afraid of it. 
I am no longer afraid of the ocean. 
I shan’t be afraid.

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