Have you ever wanted to include a progress bar in a React project but you couldn’t find a simple resource to guide you in the right direction? Well, today is your lucky day! You won’t need to install a library, you won’t need to dissect complicated explanations — everything you need is right here. Let’s begin.

Step 1: Create a new component file and set up the appropriate imports.

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Scroll-then-fix is a simple feature that can be added to your website that does as the name suggests; after scrolling, something becomes fixed. Typically, the element starts off elsewhere on the page and then once it reaches a specific threshold from scrolling, it fixes to the page — and unfixes in the opposite direction. The most common use of this feature is when site navigations become fixed to the top of the page as the user continues reading down into the site content. You might be thinking, ‘how is this different from a fixed header that is permanently at the…

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In the last few years, I started to feel as though I had more of a disposable job rather than a life long career. I was feeling stuck because there was nowhere to grow within the company. I felt confined because I couldn’t be creative and ideas for change weren’t often accepted. I was bored, unengaged and always looking for something more to make of myself. I knew that I could be utilized in a higher capacity and quite simply, that I have always had way more to offer this world than the extent of that position. March 31, 2019…

Christina Greene

A gluten-free Front-End Developer who likes to travel and bake cupcakes (I promise they don’t taste like cardboard). | HackerYou Cohort 22

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