Becoming a Front-End Developer

Christina Greene
Apr 29 · 2 min read
Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash

In the last few years, I started to feel as though I had more of a disposable job rather than a life long career. I was feeling stuck because there was nowhere to grow within the company. I felt confined because I couldn’t be creative and ideas for change weren’t often accepted. I was bored, unengaged and always looking for something more to make of myself. I knew that I could be utilized in a higher capacity and quite simply, that I have always had way more to offer this world than the extend of that position. March 31, 2019 will be always be a memorable day for me as it was my final day of employment in the insurance industry. So long are the days of monotonous insurance chatter! 👋

Hello are the days of CODING 👩‍💻! I started my coding adventure by attending a free Introduction to HTML & CSS class from a local school in October 2017. It was my first real look into the development world and I enjoyed every minute of that three-hour class. I was able to create something out of nothing and the ability to see results instantly was incredibly gratifying. I knew this was something I wanted to look further into but then life got in the way and my new interest had to be put on hold. Fast forward to September 2018 — it became the perfect time to pick up where I left off.

After extensive research about which school had the nicest people and the best course offerings, I chose HackerYou (everyone is seriously SO nice!!). I wanted to get started in the part-time classes just to triple check that this interest was something that I could turn into a career. Sure enough — I LOVED the courses, the instruction style, and the positive and reinforcing atmosphere. The twelve weeks flew by and I gained valuable skills and knowledge to set me up for success. These courses were just another reason why I knew I had to apply for the full-time Bootcamp program.

Have you ever heard the saying to ‘just trust your gut’? I am so glad that I trusted mine and that I am fortunate enough to be a current student in Cohort 22 of the Web Development Immersive Bootcamp program at HackerYou! Sending that email back in September was the best move I could have ever made to kick start my dream of wanting to create, inspire, learn and grow!

Christina Greene

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A gluten-free Front-End Developer who likes to travel and bake cupcakes (I promise they don’t taste like cardboard). | HackerYou Cohort 22

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