On Becoming…

Be with someone that makes you want to be a better version of yourself. I don’t believe there is anything wrong with being comforted in our times of sorrow but does this help us grow and evolve as human beings? If every time we hit that dark place we reach for comfort and validation from another person, what do we have left of ourselves? You are not supposed to live your life through anyone's eyes but your own. Do what make YOU happy.

In my rational mind, when the clouds have lifted…. in which eventually they always do, with or without your help…I realize that yes I would rather you lift me up then swim with me in my sorrows.

There’s two sides to my brain. The left side the lover, the nurturer, the pleaser which is also the side that seeks love and validation. The right side, the fiercely independent woman that knows true happiness only lies within yourself, the woman that doesn’t need anyone to validate her happiness.

The left side is my natural instinct, it’s who I am. But the right side is what I need to survive in this world. It’s what I admire and have always longed to be.

I just don’t know how to be both sides at the same time.

So maybe I needed someone like you in my life. You encourage me through the storm, rather then shield me from it.

I may think your an ass for it sometimes, but I thank you for teaching me to survive rather than holding my hand.

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