10 Quirks I Have That Make Me a Weirdy

I was tagged by Iva Ursano awhile ago, to disclose 10 quirks about me.

It has taken some time to feel bold and comfortable enough to share, as I tend to NOT talk about my weirdness often.

Hopefully, after reading about my oddities, we can still be friends.

In no particular order, here we go:

  1. I am obsessed with the color RED- Anything and everything in life should be red. My car, my decor, and everything around me is chosen immediately if it’s red. “Oh, It comes in RED? Then it MUST be purchased.
  2. I have a strange Blood Disorder called Von Willibrand Factor -It is like Hemophilia for women. Bruises and cuts take forever to heal and don’t even get me started on how menstrual cycles almost literally killed me.
  3. I have a weird eye- Sometimes it has a mind of it’s own and appears to be looking elsewhere. It has yet to be called anything, by diagnosis or definition by an optometrist, so I am assuming that when I see one, they think I am already aware that I know I have a “Lazy eye” or some shit. It still works and that’s the main thing.
  4. I have two toes stuck together on my left foot- Don’t judge. Unless you really look at my feet for whatever reason, you can’t tell. It takes me a LONG time when I first meet anyone, to allow them to see me without socks because I hate freaking people out. They are webbed together, and because of my blood disorder no doctor wants to cut them apart for cosmetic reasons. My brother has the same thing, and my mother told us that she took Thalidomide when she was pregnant with us, for morning sickness. I am thankful it’s just my two toes that were affected.
  5. I have 13 piercings that represent milestones in my life- Everything from losing my virginity to having my daughter, to the day she graduated University is documented by a hole in my body. I have had the same earrings in the holes that were originally put in when I pierced them. Out of the 13, I pierced 10 myself, with a hot sewing needle. One of them, I had to finish in a cab ride on the way to work as the driver watched in horror-not my fault he showed up 15 minutes early. I would have been done if he hadn’t.
  6. I sleep under 3 comforters, a blanket and a heavy flannel sheet- I need lots of weight, and a mountain of fluff on me in order to sleep. I have no idea why, but unless I have a pile on me, and can sleep in a “nest” I don’t sleep well.
  7. I am completely obsessed with Old School Wonder Woman! I have shelves and drawers of all kinds of Wonder Woman merch- thermoses and salt and pepper shakers, endless mugs, water bottles, a coin, 4 costumes, and so much more. It’s a sight to see and I love it. My hubby found me a Wonder Woman plate for my car and some decals. He also gave me a steering wheel cover and it completes my car.

8. I am terrified of Birds and Gorillas- These are two things I wish the world didn’t have. Damn freaky ass animals that can be “kind of cool” from a distance, but DON’T COME NEAR ME! I have also recently added elevators to the list

9. I love being alone and watching re-runs of FRIENDS- This is my favorite hideaway. My daughter and I know every episode, every line, and every hilarious episode by heart. She and I still love to cuddle up together with tea and watch hours and hours of it together. It’s our “thing”. Some days when I am alone, I will flip on the TV and become giddy when there is an episode on. If I am not feeling good, I will binge it alone and think of my kiddo. She is 25 and lives 3 hours from me. I take photos of funny parts and text them to her, and she does to me as well.

Photo by Chloe Skinner on Unsplash

10. I’m addicted to things that make clothing smell good- I use those little pellets in the washer -(Downy Unstoppables) and fabric softener and 2 dryer sheets per load. If clothes smell the least bit “unfresh” I won’t wear them. They go right back into the hamper and get washed with all the smelly stuff. I used to hang my clothes on a clothesline when I lived in the country and I miss that scent so much. It’s extremely difficult to duplicate that aroma. I also LOVE the smell of dryer vents in the winter time when people use dryer sheets. It smels like home to me. I also loathe static cling. It makes me stabby.

So, there you have it Iva. I Finally fulfilled my commitment to you. Love me, or hate me, I am as quirky as can be- but it’s okay.

No one else is more me-er than me, and that makes me happy as can be.

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Let’s hear from the rest of you quirky folks! I need to know I am not a freak! Let your freak flags fly, my friends!