So, as I am a new public writer, I have been searching the net looking for ways to “get out there” and make myself known…to people.

I am not a really good “people” person….in fact if I had the preference between going out with a bunch of “people” to have fun til after 10 pm, or being at home in sweatpants and a glass of wine, I would take the latter. EVERY TIME.

So far, I have been able to create some articles that are close to my heart, and have poured out more words from my keyboard than I have from my mouth, in a much more “matter of fact” tone, and very much more articulately than when I speak to others. This is where it gets scary…

Once you WRITE an article or a blog, you are “supposed” to share it….Uh oh.

I look at all the people on my Facebook and Instagram accounts and I really have to make a decision. The way I see it I have a few options:

  1. I can share a link on my social accounts and let the proverbial shit fall where it may
  2. I can write a disclaimer into EVERY ONE of my articles, “claiming” that they are based on fictitious thoughts, characters and ideas, and hope that the readers believe that malarky.
  3. Be honest, and VULNERABLE and actually let “people” know who and what I am about, and the ones who stick around are keepers, and the rest can all go away…
  4. Keep writing to myself, for myself, and one day my daughter will stumble across all of my writings and mourn for a mother that she never really knew as well as she thought she did. Of course, most of my blog entries I could share with her now, but , well, she’s busy at 24 years of age, doing fun things and discovering herself, no need to push all my thoughts and random topics of the day on her, right? (Although secretly I believe she’s my biggest fan)

If you are a personal blogger and just pull topics out of your head, that you want/need to get out into “share land”, how do you do it without exposing pieces of who you are? And are you truly ok with exposing yourself and having your mom’s neighbour Clara, who was your babysitter when you were 5, who is now your Facebook buddy, reading your shit?Or how about that co-worker who added as a friend because everyone else that you work with has, and you don’t really like that much, but added out of pressure and mercy? Its a fickle situation, and sometimes, less is more when it comes to blogging, but then again, WHAT’S THE POINT if you are only writing it for yourself, especially when you want to be a PUBLIC writer?

I would LOVE to hear how other writers feel about this? Maybe I am too private to be a public blogger, or maybe I am just too scared of people….

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