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Caught in the Eye of the Storm

The other day my fiancé shared that his sister is trying to come for a visit. She is currently “trapped” in her home, on an acreage with no access to money, no vehicle or freedom to leave. She is caught up in an abusive relationship, where her partner is keeping her isolated from friends, family and freedom to go where she chooses.

This makes me seethe in anger, compassion, and full empathetic understanding. She is caught in the eye of the storm.

I have been in similar shoes to my future sister in law. Toxic, narcissistic relationships have a complexity to them like none other. Narcissists know how to manipulate their spouses and partners in ways that are beyond diabolical. They will feed you with enough love bombing and feigned kindness to fill your emotional cup, right before they drain everything back out, time and time again. If they are being questioned for treating you unfairly or poorly, they react by either soothing the suspicion with loving words and false hope, or they will react by calling you crazy, making you question your own sanity and your own moral compass. …


Kristina H

Writer of relationships / early childhood and mental health . Poetry and fiction dabbler

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