Drawing Lines

I’ve developed the hint of a smile line along the right side of my mouth. Even when I’m straight faced, she hangs out there.

She curves around the corner of my lips, in protective embrace.

I didn’t know how to feel about it at first. I’d trace her gently with my fingertips as I greeted my face in the mirror each morning.

There were days I’d glance up and take notice of her and wonder if I should fret over her presence a little more, as I’ve been told I should.

I found myself pausing near a display of corrective creams, pondering their necessity.

A few days ago, I glanced over my shoulder and was face to face with my reflection in the window of a midtown storefront.

The autumn breeze shifted a bit, my hair blew gently away from my cheeks. I grinned at the deliciousness of nostalgia that seemed to ride in with the cool air.

And there she was…lingering like a delicate comma.

As in,

there’s more to come.

As in,

my story is not done.

As in,

I’ve earned this.

It is no coincidence that my smile line is most pronouced on the side of my mouth that proudly carries my sideways smirk.

The smirk that says, “I got this.”

and, “You thought.”

The smirk that carries the confidence built over years of adversity & the overcoming of it.

My smile is one of my favorite assets.

From here on out, I’ll welcome the company it brings with it.

Yes, especially her.

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