One-trick pony
Mike Miller

Extreme Right Wing Corporate Republicans have methodically taken over most of our government with a plan laid out by Louis Powell around 1970. They have managed to gerrymander districts in a calculated way to guarantee they win elections, meaning it will only get worse because the majority of the dominant party decides where to divide the districts. Redistricting designers have access to how individual voters vote and can plug that data in to a program which determines where to draw the lines to favor the GOP, no matter the voters’ race, education or income level.

District plats are done mathematically and are almost 100% accurate in predicting the outcome of elections.

The Chamber of Commerce is a big player in the process, making laws that favor business, not individual rights and interests.

The good news is that some large companies are dropping out of the Chamber of Commerce when they realize that the organization lobbies against protecting the environment and tobacco use, for instance.

The courts after four years of Trump will be more religiously influenced than ever by White, Male, Christian and Catholic/Evangelical, preferences particularly. Science will continue to take a back seat in our direction. Business will get a free reign to operate unregulated.

I hope we can find common ground to live in a mutually beneficial society someday. The future is looking pretty dim.

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