Introducing the new Windows 10 icons in Fluent Design

Windows 10 Start menu with Fluent iconography
Windows 10 Start menu with Fluent iconography
The new Windows 10 icons in Fluent Design.

To design for Windows is to design for the world. Today, Windows 10 powers hundreds of millions of devices around the globe: in schools, homes, offices, and on the go. It’s part of the history of computing itself, and designers have been along for the journey since the outset, bringing the aesthetic principles of design to a new paradigm of user-friendly computing.

That journey has evolved remarkably, always with a focus on the way people rely on technology to achieve their best. The Windows 1.0 operating system (OS) premiered to the world in 1985 (no old jokes, please). Microsoft held a steady strategy in the early years of Windows: build it, release it, build it again. These were predictable 3-year cycles in which Windows was literally shipped in a box. Rhythms began to change with the onset of the early web when people were introduced to the idea of being super-connected to all the world’s information. Over time, this new behavior shifted from desktop to mobile. …

Field notes from a design team at Adobe MAX 2017

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I’m encouraged by the trend of conferences and groups for women in technology. It’s fantastic that women are starting to come together to find their voice and grow as professionals in a male-dominated industry. However, as a creative woman in design at a large technology company, I feel something is missing; where are the groups to support women in creative positions and design leadership?

As a member of a women in design group at Microsoft, we addressed that gap last week in Las Vegas. We decided we didn’t need to go to a conference focused on women, but that we could go to a creativity conference together; and that we would lean on and learn from one another during the experience. We all expected lots of of tech, tools, and processes, which Adobe MAX certainly delivered. …


Christina Koehn

Design Leader, Windows and Devices at Microsoft

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