6 Reasons Why Mobile Phone Repair Is A Thriving Industry

In the block where I live, there are four big mobile phone repair centres. For a time, I thought one would at least fold since the biggest one has the nicest location and most people in the neighbourhood go to that one. But when I drove around one time, I was surprised to see that all four mobile phone repair shops are thriving well (or maybe the owners have a lot of friends that like to hang out in the shop).

My cousin, who had her old Blackberry fixed recently (she refuses to switch to touch screen phones) told me that all the shops really are doing well despite the fact that four of them that offer basically the same services exist in the same block. A friend of hers owns one of the shops and told her before that they do take care of a lot of repairs; also, all of them (the shop owners) help each other out by recommending each other’s services, especially if they simply have too much work on their hands and cannot accommodate certain jobs. On top of that, mobile phones that need repair constantly come by, and they are due to the following reasons:

· People can’t seem to stop texting when they shouldn’t. Consequently, phones that fell into the bathtub, toilet and pool that need to be checked out are very common.

· Broken screens are very common problems as well. People are always dropping their phones and damaging them. This is a repair job that’s easy enough to complete, but can only be done by trained professionals.

· There are folks that can’t seem to get rid of their old phones — just like my cousin (and parents) — they opt to just have their old phones repaired instead of buying new ones.

· There’s a growing population of cheap-o phones on the market nowadays that break so easily, but owners of these phones would much rather have them fixed than purchase new and better phones.

· Smart phones are so expensive, so when something goes wrong with them, owners quickly bring them over to repair shops, lest they be rendered completely useless, considering how much they cost.

· A lot of mobile phone owners, for some reason, don’t know how to properly use their phone, hence they do a bunch of things to it that they shouldn’t, causing the device to malfunction.

· Spread of phone viruses is so common nowadays because of the different programs phone owners check out and download using their Internet-connecting phones.

With these reasons, it clearly is no wonder mobile phone repair is an ever-growing industry. In fact, there’s a new shop across our street that offers phone repairs, and the what’s even cooler is, that it sells a variety of cute mobile phone accessories. Young people in school uniforms frequent the place, and when I paid the shop a visit, a teenager was gushing over her new phone case (it had polymer cupcakes, lollipops and other sweets) and I overheard the shop owner tell her, “Oi, take care of your phone screen, ha! Your phone’s not yet even two months old. And, you can fix your other broken cases yourself, just buy the glue and deco kit here…we have new designs from Korea and Japan coming next week…”

Ooh, upselling. Smart. That repair store definitely doesn’t need to worry about the competition.

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