A Day of “Crazy” Is the Doctor’s Order

“Your sister’s thinking of moving to New Zealand,” my mom casually told me one morning when I shared that there are more vending machines in Japan than people in the land of hobbits. “She said there’s this community there that’s begging for human inhabitants.”

“If she’s moving there, then I’m moving there too,” I declared as I cooked my morning noodles.

My dad overheard — he had just come in from his morning table tennis game at the sports complex. “Let’s all move there!”

Of course all those were not serious declarations — it’s just that when a place seems compatible with the kind of life we want, we all express the desire to relocate to that place…but do we do anything about it? Nope…not at all. My parents are the kind that stay put, so I’m of the same mold as well.

Like, I’ve been dreaming of moving to Japan for as long as I can remember but I haven’t really done anything toward that dream because while the country holds the promise of the life I want to have, there are just so many things tying me down where I am right now. Plus, I do have fears of starting my life, alone, in a new country.

It’s stupid, actually — you know, wanting to do something and not doing anything about it. What’s even dumber is how I have notebooks filled with plans but very few of the plans actually get carried out. There are days when I wish I could just go crazy and do everything that I want without letting my tendency to over-think situations stop me.

I remember Steven Yeun’s (Yeeun? I can’t remember the spelling) interview on “Conan” — he said, he’s the type of person that thinks 10 steps ahead of situations, which is a great way to sabotage any pursuit of a romantic relationship. That’s so me! Except that what I sabotage is not a romantic relationship, but the possibility of a grander life.

My BFF and so-called life “doctor” Ali always tells me to give myself at least one day in a year to just “go for it” — go for anything that I want without thinking of consequences or act toward the life I want.

“Speak to a migration expert and find out how you can start your life in Japan, Bolivia, Greenland or wherever you want to move to. Or just head straight to the airport and travel where your money will allow you,” Ali advised after getting frustrated that I postponed our trip out of town yet again because of my recent health episode. “Go crazy one time and you likely will learn that most of the things you’re afraid of don’t happen and don’t matter.”

She knows I get very frustrated with myself too so she encourages me every time and makes me laugh. The other day she told me that it won’t be long and my life will begin finally. “By the end of the year, you’ll just be two years away from being 40, and life begins at 40!”

It’s already the last quarter of this year and I still haven’t done anything crazy. I should get it over with and maybe that will jumpstart my engine toward the life I want.

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