A New and Different Home

My grandparents’ home is in ruins. After the great flood that our city experienced seven years ago, it didn’t undergo any kind of repair. As much as the family cherishes the home, it just seems impractical to restore it to its old glory given its current state. My cousins who live there claim that it truly would be difficult to even determine where repairs should start because there’s nothing worth saving anymore.

It’s really sad that we weren’t able to properly preserve the home after my grandmother died — it’s just that there were a lot of financial boo-boos committed that needed to be addressed first. Now that the cousins are working, we’re all considering various options regarding the house.

The one option that’s standing out is to completely demolish the house and replace it with a much smaller one that’s actually livable. The family has become smaller, so there’s really no need for a big home. However, construction will take an incredibly long time, so that’s an issue.

Anyway, we found a company that makes prefab homes and they construct homes at their facility, so we figured demolition can be delayed so that my cousins won’t be homeless until the new home is completed. The prefab homes already have wall and roof insulation so they’ll be cool during the warm months and warm during cooler weather. They also have other nice features, but perhaps, the best thing about them is that they are quite affordable.

We need to thank Kirsten Dirksen for the inspiration because we wouldn’t be considering prefab homes and scaled down living if we hadn’t stumbled upon her YouTube channel. So, we’re thinking container homes would be good enough (especially with the budget we’re working with) because they’ll fit better into the dimensions of our lot. However, we’re also considering dome houses because of the unique design and how they fare well against strong winds. Trailer homes are also an option since they look most like the tiny homes featured on YouTube; also, it really would be nice to have a mobile home since we have a property up in the mountains that we would love to spend weekends at comfortably.

Of course, the prefab home will not have the fancy appearance that my grandparent’s home used to have, but it will be just right. We’re happy that there are these new home options that are more affordable and convenient to construct; with these new and different homes, my cousins can easily have the quality of life they want.

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