All Because a Work Shirt Didn’t Fit Right

There was this story about a man who was made to believe he was dying even if he wasn’t. I think the story was featured on Reader’s Digest back in the ’70s or some other magazine, and I learned about it from my dad.

What happened was, one day the man noticed that he’d been getting really bad headaches frequently at work. To get rid of those headaches so he can go about his job, he often took pain relievers. At first, the ibuprofen, paracetamol, mefenamic acid, and acetaminophen worked, but after a while, they only seemed to make his physical discomfort worse.

In fear of damaging his liver because he’d become quite reliant on OTC meds, the man consulted a doctor. The doctor asked him about his symptoms and the man rounded up headache, nausea, blurred vision, difficulty breathing, and chest pains. The doctor examined him and his diagnosis was that the man had a heart problem.

The man was prescribed meds and he took them as instructed just so he’d be liberated from his pains and other discomforts. The medicine didn’t work, and he had complained to his doctor that he’d been feeling incredibly lightheaded; at times, he even blacked out. His doctor was alarmed and recommended that he undergo several tests.

All tests turned out negative.

Quite disappointed with the test results, the man turned to a different doctor. The second doctor presented the possibility that the man had a brain tumor. So, the man underwent a CT-Scan and other tests. But those turned out negative as well.

Not wanting to give up easily, the man sought a third doctor and the doctor told him, based on all the sensations he was feeling, that he was dying. His heart was overworked, his back pains were probably due to some kidney issue, and he already had an unhealthy color to him.

After learning that he was dying, the man decided to resign from his job. He informed his bosses of his ailment and said that he wanted to spend his last few days with his family. His bosses couldn’t believe that he was dying for despite the obvious change in the man’s physical appearance, his medical test results were all inconclusive. So, they told him to meet with the company doctor.

The company doctor took a quick look at the man’s test results and then examined him carefully.

“When do you normally feel very sick?” the company doctor asked him.

“During the day, here at work,” the man replied.

“I think your work shirt’s collar is too tight,” the doctor casually remarked at the man. “Unbutton it and I want you to go about the rest of the day with your collar loose. If you feel sick, come see me.”

The man heeded that doctor’s advice, and what do you know — he felt fine throughout the day and the days after. He didn’t realize that his neck had grown because of all the work he’d been doing and his work shirts’ collar was…well, strangling him.

After that, the man only wore custom made suits and other pieces of clothing. He made sure that everything he wore fit right.

I’m not certain if this was a true story, but the lesson here is definitely real. The wrong fit of clothing can make you sick. So, if at times you don’t feel well, change your clothes; it may be the only thing you need to do to feel better.

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