Being A Pinterest Kind Of Girl

Pinterest is my thing. I know. I’m such a girl.

But really…Pinterest is love. It’s the first social media site I check every day (followed by YouTube — I don’t bother much with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) because I love truly looking at pictures and finding inspirations for pretty much everything. But perhaps what I really love about it is how there’s really not much need for comments — I don’t believe people get nasty with each other on Pinterest and have long conversations.

And speaking of being a trove of inspirations for everything, if you’re looking to freshen your home’s interior style, the site will not disappoint. When we were having our home renovated, I relied on Pinterest for ideas on how to upcycle decades-old furniture and how to decorate our rooms. I believe we managed to save some money by trying out several DIY home projects. And the even cooler thing is that whenever I feel like the house needs something new but I’m not keen on buying anything, Pinterest offers hundreds of easy project ideas that don’t cost anything at all to create.

Likewise, if you’re throwing a party, the site has everything: unique food recipes, instructions for DIY décor, tips on how to create a beautiful buffet table, games that go with the theme of the shindig, freebies for guests, what kind of music needs to be played, etc. Whatever information or instruction you need in able to pull of a really nice party is covered by the site.

Those are not all; if you need quick solutions for health issues, Pinterest presents a huge collection of remedies. What’s nicer about finding these solutions on the site is they have really nice images to guide you on what you should do. Also, the information is very straight to the point and easy to understand, unlike with the content presented by websites.

Recently, I’ve been turning to Pinterest as well for lawn care advice because lawn care experts share their know-how through the site in the form of beautiful infographics. They share information on how to water the lawn, the perfect hours of the day for watering, pest control, how to make your own lawn tonics, landscaping ideas, what plants are perfect to incorporate to your garden, and so much more.

Seriously, if there’s something you need to learn, head on over to Pinterest — you don’t have to be a girl to love it. If it’s information and inspiration you need you can get it from this site, and in a very pretty way — trust me…and Reese Witherspoon.

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