Clothes Sharing Between Sisters

I only have one sister, an older one who’s like the complete opposite of me; people rarely think we’re sisters because we don’t look alike, plus I’m relatively tall while she’s quite short. Despite that, though, we’re “typical sisters” — we borrow each other’s clothes all the time, even now that she’s breastfeeding and pregnant with her third child.

Since I’m the bigger one, and I generally prefer loose clothing, my clothes have always worked exceptionally well for my sister throughout her pregnancies and post-pregnancy periods.

All my shirts and dresses fit her quite nicely; actually, some her fave go-tos are my wrap-around dresses because they are easy to pull down whenever she needs to breastfeed my nephew.

For this latest pregnancy, though, sad to say, some of my stretchy clothes are failing her because she’s the biggest that she’s ever been in her entire life. Using a bigger girl’s clothing is just not working as well as it used to, so she’s decided to purchase clothes that are truly designed for a nursing mum who also happens to be pregnant.

Fortunately for her, there are lots to choose from these days and they are far from shapeless and completely unflattering. Pregnant women and new mums don’t have to worry about looking frumpy and bigger than they actually are. Not only that, all the clothes are quite nicely made and very few people would know that they are made especially to cater to pregnant women’s expanding bodies and maternity responsibilities due to their smart, strategic design.

The funny thing is that I like her maternity and nursing clothes because they’re so comfortable and actually quite stylish. On a hot day, they’re the perfect clothing to borrow because they’re so breezy. I even had the gall to wear this green floral maternity dress she owns and transformed it into a sundress and it worked! Our friends got a good laugh over it.

I really like it that although my sister and I live very different lives, a lot of the things we enjoy as sisters still remain. We can still share clothes, and the best thing about that is I don’t have to shop for new ones because her maternity and nursing clothing look pretty normal and quite nice on her and on me as well.

If only we had the same shoe and jeans size, everything would be perfect.

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